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Marketing To People With A Taste Of Differentiated Lifestyle In Singapore

An ordinary lifestyle in an ordinary condo or home setting may sound quite boring nowadays. The penetration of the lifestyle media into our sense of taste and living results in the inevitable reprogramming of what and why luxury is the common goal of most people. Social differentiation is a multidimensional phenomenon and as the population continues to rise, the marketing media employed differentiated marketing strategies for customers of diverse tastes. Why do people pride themselves living with a differentiated lifestyle?

Marketing a condo to meet expectations

In Singapore, the amenities in the Parvis Condo in the Holland Hill definitely suit the fashionable lifestyle of any executives and the locals. It offers a Jacuzzi, spa pavilion, and four different swimming pools where you can dip at night or even at daytime when you are free from work. There are no oddly shaped corners within the units even in the 2 bedroom units. The first thing you will notice when you visit the unit is the air of privacy and good living spaces. The master bedroom is designed with a bit of distance from the junior suite and other bedrooms. This is what I call differentiated marketing strategy. You give what the people ask about living in a little bit of luxury. The setting and the amenities give people what they hope to achieve at a certain stage of their successful career life. Another thing that you won’t fail to notice is the thirst for privacy. People with differentiated lifestyle want to party, but still need their full privacy when they are on their own. The Parvis Condo is one sample of a condo that is trying to meet people with differentiated lifestyle.

Space and layout

The rooms are spacious enough you can move your 8 seater dining table from the dining area to the balcony in less time and with less hassle. Other features are the 3.3 m ceiling, which is high enough to boost the air ventilation of the unit. The floor is made of marble tiles that gives it an elegant appearance by complementing its ultra-modern style. The marble is highly known for its durability. This means it won’t easily crack even if you drop a ceramic dinner plate. Also, it does not easily get scratched even with dogs pawing at it. What I am trying to say here, is that the patterns of consumption expenditures of people wanting to demonstrate social differentiation of their preferences and habits, are much detailed when it comes to selection of materials and the quality of the materials. Service reviews are being posted anywhere on the internet. This is the very reason most companies trying to meet customers with differentiated lifestyle are creating specialized, exclusive marketing platforms, such as the layout, the materials, the neighborhood, and the interiors.

Upscale living magazine setting

The kitchen is really nice and comes with a comprehensive list of the De Dietrich appliances. However, it does not have any washing machine and dryer. Help with your dishes? You do not need to worry about washing them. A dishwasher is provided along with the storage system within the cabinet. Bedrooms come with a built-in wardrobe. Bathrooms have built-in wardrobes. Bathrooms come with the Grohe fixtures. The condo provides a side gate access that allows you to access the Chip Bee garden. I think it would be a comfort for you to know that it is just literally a 10 minute walk to the Holland Village. Overall, I can say it has a good location and good material quality.

The challenge of the building’s design is storage and how to make the renovation of the unit more interesting with simple additions. You may create featured walls with concealed storage within. You can even create a garden like space on the balcony. The balcony overlooks the landscape and the lush trees beyond it. With the artificial turf, you can create an extension of the lush trees. Here, in the Parvis condo, you are sure that you are trending a quality lifestyle. Design is everything. Closing the deal would mean creating more specific designs targeted to highly professional individuals. The goal is to showcase a near to luxury lifestyle. This is just a revealing tip on how to build amazing experiences around design.